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I am not a physician, psychologist, nor a licensed professional counselor and may not provide a medical diagnosis nor recommend discontinuance of medically prescribed treatments. If a client desires a diagnosis or any other type of treatments from a different practitioner, the client may seek such treatments at any time. In the event that my services are terminated by a client, the client has the right to coordinate transfer of services to another practitioner. A client has a right to refuse therapy services at anytime. A client has a right to be free of physical, verbal or sexual abuse. A client has a right to know the expected duration of sessions, and may assert any right without retaliation.


Mandala Grace Therapy is the independent use of the healing arts and sciences to help clients promote wellness and spiritual self-empowerment in their lives.  As a professional Healing Arts Practitioner, my role is to teach, coach, guide, instruct and train clients in addressing issues of spiritual wellness.  I see my work as  a Healing Arts Practitioner as non-therapeutic and spiritual in nature.  Healing Arts Practitioners do not engage in the independent diagnosis and treatment of medical or mental disease. My practice and services offered are categorized within the realm of Healing  and Spiritual Arts. I do not accept clients of the clinical population. I do not diagnose, evaluate or treat medical or mental diseases. I do not practice psychology, psychotherapy or clinical mental health. The services I render are offered to  the public as a form of spiritual guidance. I do not represent my services as any form of health care, psychology or psychotherapy. Despite research to the contrary, by law I make no health benefit claims for my services.

Confidentiality:  I will not release any information to anyone without a written authorization from you, except as provided by law. You have a right to be allowed access to my written record about you.

Insurance:  I suggest you think of my services as something  that you will pay for personally. That will both protect your privacy and help you value the work you are doing more. In general, insurance companies do not like to cover Healing Arts services, and I caution you not to expect them to do so.

Redress:  I am a certified member of the Licensed North Carolina Massage Therapy & Bodyworkers, National Certification Board of  Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, AMTA, and the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, and practice in accordance with their Code of Ethics and Standards.
                                         Rebecca Sell
                            Asheville, North Carolina
                    Shamanic Journeying & Healing
         CranioSacral Therapy & Somatic Bodywork
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